I am Google I ‘No Follow’ Rules

chuck-norris-google -no-follow-guidelines

We all know that Google has a set of guidelines/rules which all webmasters should follow to have a friendly relationship with the search engine as well as users.

Have you thought about –

“Is Google itself following the guidelines?”

The answer is somewhat Yes because I have seen Google using rel=canonical tag element in Google’s very own product BLOGGER.  For BlogSpot, Google make use of the canonical tag for country based domains to let know search engines that TLD (usually .com) is the original one.

For example Google has put a

<link href=’http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.com/‘ rel=’canonical’/>

for  http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.in indicating that the one with .com is the Original.

Crossing the guidelines – Is it Google maps or Google Local?

Lets see Google Map – http://maps.google.com/

Google Local – http://local.google.com/ ??

Both of these provide us same result which means the biggest issue “DUPLICATE CONTENT” (different urls having same content) according to search engines.  When I googled for “local.google.com” Google told me “Don’t get confused it’s the Google maps what you are looking for” and showed it in the search results.

Checkout what Bing searched

Web cache of local.google.com returned the cache of map.google.com

If Google want to continue Google Local they should have put a rel=canonical tag indicating maps.google.com is to be originally followed.  I didn’t find any canonical tag in it.

But in this case I will recommend a 301 to Google maps thus redirecting users who land on local.google.com to maps. I couldn’t find any of these used in it. I consulted the issue with my SEO Buddy Nikhilraj who tried to help me with the problem.

Cache of Google Local redirects to Google Maps cache-dannysullivan

As Danny Sullivan said “Google is smart in cases when 301 or canonical isn’t provide”

Google act smart only in cases of their own domains only?? Is some guidelines not applicable to Big Branded Giants??


Bing shows authorship markup in search results

Happy news for Bing users!! Bing also started showing authorship markup in its search results like Google. The picture below shows how Bing shows authorship data in the results.

bing authorship markup

Why is it  different from Google Authorship

I used the term ‘authorship’ here. But it is not exactly like Google authorship snippet that we all know about.

Bing is just pulling the pictures inside the web pages and showing them in search results as a authorship snippet where as in Google the author data is connected with the Google plus.

(From the above picture) See the links:




Steve Jobs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaHow Does Japanese Manga Steve Jobs Compare to Real Steve Jobs-stevejobs-picture












You will get a clear idea from the above screenshots that Bing has only tried to drag the photos into its results.

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SEO quake extension – a Malware?

UPDATE: Those who experienced the problem should update by installing latest version from Seoquake extension for chrome

The reason why I write this post because, Facebook found Seo Quake extension for chrome as a malware in my browser and my fb account got blocked temporarily.

I have been using the Seo Quake extension in my chrome browser since 3 years. It’s really a cool product from Seo Quake team and the interesting feature I like is highlighting the no follow links. I recommend SEO beginners to have this useful add-on in your browser.

Detecting Seo Quake as malware

I haven’t experienced any problems with the extension yet until I tried to open my facebook account today fb blocked me temporarily for having some malware in my browser.


So malware checkpoint of facebook automatically checked the browser and I was forced to remove Seo Quake extension from my browser.

facebook seoquake malware

I just want to double check the issue so I tried to open my facebook account through firefox and I was easily logged in as there was no add-ons installed in it.

Again I installed the extension in chrome and checked, the result was same.

The problem was solved after half an hour, I logged into my FB account keeping Seo quake extension in my browser. But I was intrigued about the issue and found a similar problem in a forum.

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Hotels Cooking Hot Websites?

Anything fishy with the title? Wondering ‘website’ is the name of a new dish served in hotels? No guys not at all.

Recently I came to hear that a hotel in Trivandrum (India) is providing with quality web design services. Sounds funny? I am not saying this, Mr. Bing says like that. When I searched on Bing for the term ‘web design company trivandrum’ this was the result I got.

funny  search result bing

A hotel with website design service??
LOL !!

This is the second page of result for the above keyword. Bing is highlighting the keyword ‘Trivandrum’ and showing results regarding that.  The results keep on changing day by day for the  same query (let give it an excuse for being beta version) I think this may be one of the reasons why people go for Google where they get quality search results. Webmasters also rely on Google even if they get hurt by Giant panda or Crazy Penguins. One of my SEO buddy says “I love Bing coz I get cool and rare wallpapers  in it”  Yep that’s it. One last word for Bing : Remain as Beta  always so you can give stupid results.

Facebook’s Graph Search – Likes and Dislikes

This year Facebook has surprised by creating great impact on users as well as internet world by rolling out a social search feature called ‘Facebook graph search’.  Even though the idea of social search has been introduced by Google+ before Facebook’s new  feature will surely influence the world for being the #1 social network site. As Facebook CEO said “Graph Search is a completely new way for people to get information on Facebook.” I want to share some pros and cons about fb’s new social search.

Facebook Graph search – Likes

The new search is way far better than the old one as it had lots of limitations in finding out results.

  • With Graph search we can search for long tail search queries like “My friends who like KFC – Kentucky Fried Chicken and listen to A.R. Rahman” “”Photos of me taken in New York These searches make ‘social friendly’.

    facebook graph search

    Facebook’s Graph Search

  • As it is a social search it mainly focus on results based on information regarding you, your friends and your friends of friends. So search result differs from users.
  • Any user can easily search and decide the search query with the help of suggestions provided by fb search.
  • This feature can create a new impact on Facebook marketing in order to get ranked high on results. Thus more focus on making business pages more informational, increasing number of likes and providing excellent service.
  • There are some filter option where we can filter out the results according to our like by place type, category, liked by, name places in, visited by, gender and many morefaecebook graph search refined result

Facebook Graph search – Dislikes

  • The search queries have to be more refined.
  • I suggest to include feature like Google Instants Autocomplete Suggestion one could easily include the search term (adding each term not phrases) while searching and cannot get deviated from what they are going to search for. (after all  I know, it can’t work like search engines) As it is a beta version we will soon find some changes in future.
  • Can’t search for a particular post. For example If you want to find posts shared by your friends based on some recent issue Boom..!! we just can’t LOL. That’s why I like Google plus we can search for whatever things as they use hashtags like twitter.
  • Finally I wanna share my experience when I searched for “Petrol pumps nearby” or “Gas stations nearby”. Actually I got only web results from Bing. The results were useless. FB search should have given more attention in showing accurate results from Bing map.

Hats off Google for wisely connecting Google+ local, Google places and Google map together to give a quality social search results.

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Happy Googling Guys!!

Does Google Hate Love?

Happy Valentine’s Day
Google hate ‘Love’ ??
I noticed an interesting thing that Google hate ‘LOVE’ infact Google celebrated lover’s day by a valentine’s day special Google doodle. Let us find out how?
You all people may be familiar with url shortner website bitly.com The title tag of website goes like this:
<title>bitly | ♥ your bitmarks</title>
Noticed the ‘♥’ in the title?
Here is what I saw when I searched ‘bitly on Googlebitly-google-search-result

Google hates love ehh??

Just a funny and interesting thing I noted when I was googling. Don’t want to go deep inside the algorithm and all. Love ya Google!!